Why KIKLABB Freezone? It is the latest Government owned free zone for licensing Business. KIKLABB free zone offers General Trading, commercial services and Professional services license.

Hence KIKLABB is government owned service it offers both Dubai Free Zone License and on-shore DED licenses without any hassles.

Why kiklabb?

About Kiklabb Free Zone License

It’s the most cost effective way to start a business and we could own the 100% of ownership, and to have a dream Dubai Address. They provide full service support to both local and international corporations, entrepreneurs, and startups.

FZL (Free Zone License) is sponsor free license, with 100% of ownership and 3 year visa duration. The main attraction is that it provide virtual license. Business can be operated across all free zones.

About DED License

They provide their own on-shore needs to be covered with sponsor, agent, and signatory solutions to implement and to expand our business fast at a lower costs.

DED is a long term and cost saving one. It provides 3 year visa duration. Having a DED license we can operate our business from anywhere in Dubai. DED have got KIKLABB full service advantage.

Kiklabb Benefits

Why Kiklabb Freezone?

There are many reason to choose about KIKLABB freezone to set up the business dream. But one of the major reason is the financial and legal protection offered by the LLC(limited liability company).

The LLC is distinct from the owners. So that the LLC owners are not personally liable to the debts, legal claims or financial obligations of the company.

Top 10 Key Benefits of Kiklabb Free Zone

  • Zero Corporate Tax
  • World-class Accommodation
  • License flexibility is not limited to specific sector
  • Inspiring architecture
  • KIKLABB have Up to 5 activity codes
  • Personal bank account plus tailored health insurance
  • Dedicated account manager for all licensees
  • KIKLABB free Zone offers package for 0 visa license up to 06 visa license.
  • Premium location and address
  • No Dewa