.Know everything about Business setup in Kiklabb
KIKLABB is one of the newly developed free zone in UAE. It’s a government owned free zone for licensing business. It’s spread over an area of 25,000 sqft in Queen Elizabeth 2, Mina Rashid road.
The most usual selections of business people are starting sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, or LLCs.
The task is to understand the legal structure or how it works and then choose the one, which best addresses as well as meets every requirements and needs of the business to be set up.

Kklabb key benefits

The types of workspaces in KIKLABB

  • Flexi desk
  • Virtual office

Business licenses with KIKLABB Free Zone

The KIKLABB free zone generally offers

  • General trading licenses
  • Commercial services licenses
  • Professional service licenses

And the license package by KIKLABB covers

  • Trade license
  • Establishment card
  • Memorandum and article of association or AOA
  • Share certificate
  • Certificate of formation

Offers packages for visa up to 10 visa allocation and processing and the visa are allocated for 3 years.

Business Setup in Kiklabb

Advantages of choosing KIKLABB

  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Government owned entity for ease of process
  • Zero cooperate tax
  • High speed internet up to 250 mbps
  • Free on-site parking for clients.
  • No dewa bills
  • World class accommodation

Registration cost in KIKLABB

Its costs AED 20,200 for registering a company up to an eligibility of 3 visas.

For Business Setup in KIKLABB

For the business setup in KIKLABB freezone, you must have certain thing as follows,

  • There should be an approved name for company

The authorities will approve an the name suggested by the company. That will be stay as the legal name of the company. The company name must be a unique one. Because if there is another company with same name, conflicts may occur.

  • There should be an director for the company

For managing the daily activities and to perform with up-to-date there should be a director. It doesn’t matter the director is local or foreigner. There should be atleast one director, it can be more than one.

  • One Guarantor

They are the legal owners of an LLC. There is no fixed limit to the number of members a company can have.

  • A registered address for the company

There will be an official address for the company. KIKLABBs authorities register provide the details to you.